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I'm ready to sell!

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You're in the right place! Our agents are licensed professionals and can help you through the selling process. They will assist in the pricing, marketing and sale of your home, and they will give you guidance on preparing your home for the market.


You probably have lots of reasons to sell, but now you have to give the BUYERS lots of reasons to BUY your home.  Here's some things your agent will suggest to get your home ready...

1)'ve made your mind up it's time to move, so time to start packing. Pack those things that you don't need right now, but will want to have in your new home. Then there's the Use it - or Lose it method. If you haven't seen or used the item in years, then it's time to let it go. Have a garage sale, donate it, or trash it. There's no sense in hanging on to it if you won't use it in your new home. Renting a storage space or a storage container is a great way to get them off the premises and ready for the next move.

2)'s time for this house to tell new buyers "you're home"...and they won't be able to do it if you have family photos all over the place. It will only make potential buyers feel like they are imposing on your family. You want them to visualize themselves in this house, and they won't be able to do it if you have all those baby pictures on the wall.

3) CLEAN...CLEAN...CLEAN. This doesn't mean you have to do it all by yourself. After you have de-cluttered, and de-personalized, then have a cleaning service to come in and give everything a thorough cleaning. Your house may be old to you, but you want it to feel new to the buyers.

4) MAINTAIN...not only will you want to maintain the cleanliness of the house after you had it thoroughly cleaned, but now you will need to keep it neat and orderly for all the potential buyers. Have the beds made, clothes put away, laundry room uncluttered , no dishes in the sink, cabinets and closets organized, and house dusted and vacuumed. Potential buyers WILL open closets and cabinets, and if it's crammed full, it will appear there is not enough storage in the house.

5) MAINTENANCE...that's different than "maintain". Deferred maintenance on simple items will have potential buyers become concerned about the big things. Repaint or clean baseboards, fix leaky faucets, fresh paint on walls and doors, and keeping yards manicured. It might also be suggested to repaint the room with purple walls a more neutral color in order to be one less things buyers will have to do themselves, and that's money in your pocket.

6) BE READY...your REALTORĀ® just called and said potential buyers want to see your house in an hour. Don't panic...have a READY box!  Get a box that has fresh "company" towels, candles, etc. in it, that you only use for showings. Then, when you get "the call" you can switch out the "company" towels for the ones in the bathroom, put out the candles, and you're good to go. Leave window cleaners and sprays in each bathroom for easy access to wipe off mirrors and clean sinks and toilets and you won't have to run from room to room to do those minor touches.

7) you want to set the stage, so to speak. You'll want to make certain all light bulbs are working, and that the house smells clean and refreshing. Pet or smoke smells can make potential buyers walk away at the door. Candles or fresheners that smell of fresh linen are pleasing to the senses. Open the blinds and curtains to let the light in; light makes the house feel bigger and brighter to the buyers.

8) RELAX...your agent or the agent showing the house will do the rest! They want to sell your house as much as you want it sold. They have brought a qualified buyer to your home because they felt it fulfilled the wants and needs of the buyers. They just might be the ones that love it as much as you did when you purchased it.